As this project is a Girl Scout Gold Award, there are a lot of steps to take before the project is approved.

First, I found my project idea and filled out a detailed project plan. With the help of my project advisor, the plan was approved quickly and I was given the okay to move forward.

After that, the project moved quickly. I bought the plants to go into the garden and planned a yard sale to raise funds. People were generous both in donating furniture to supply the yard sale and buying furniture at the yard sale. The sale was successful and I raised well over the amount I needed for my garden.

The Finished Product

Once we raised enough money, we began to plant the garden. We used the Prairie Nursery : Pre-Planned Pollinator Garden and altered the provided garden design to fit the area of soil Winthrop tilled for us. The staff at Winthrop was very helpful throughout the whole process. They provided the volunteers with water and snacks and helped in many aspects of the planting. At we finished with the garden, they wired a soaker hose through the garden to keep the plants watered.


However, the project is far from over. My main purpose now is to spread awareness through the website and various events. If you are a student at Winthrop, show your friends the garden or the website. Then, you can start planting gardens of your own at home or in your community. Follow my Facebook page. Help me help the pollinator bees in our area.




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