With spring already underway, this weekend instead of spring cleaning some volunteers and I went down to Winthrop University to put some finishing touches on the now-certified wildlife garden. Armed with shovels, garden gloves, and an abundance of hard to pronounce wildflowers, there wasn’t anything that anyone could remember that we forgot…

Until we got to Winthrop and realized that although we came with a lot of pots of flowers, we forgot the wildflower seeds. One of the volunteers went back to get them, and after that small mistake the rest of the workday went smoothly.


We mixed topsoil and re tilled the edges of the garden to break up the nasty red clay that is so abundant in North Carolina soil. Sadly, there were a lot of leafless and lifeless flowers rotting inside the garden, so we dug holes near the (hopefully dormant) flowers to replace them with budding plants that were grown indoors. That way we have healthy flowers to feed the bees when they hatch and leave a chance for the old flowers to recover or turn into compost, either one works.

After we finished fine tuning the garden, we placed the bees inside of a small box in the bee shelter. The bees were generously given to us by my project adviser who cultivates populations of bees and native plants. Even though they look more like seeds than eggs, I’m confident that they will hatch and populate the garden in the next month.

The next step of the project is on Thursday, April 13th at Winthrop University’s Earth Day Fair. I am going to have a table set up with information and flyers. If you are free, please support the project by visiting the University and coming home with bags of swag from other table presentations.



One thought on “More Planting…

  1. My name is Taylor Beth Walker and I am student at Winthrop University. I visited your table today and took a bag of wildflower seeds! I love what you guys are doing! This project is so important, and it is so inspiring to see people even younger than I am getting involved! I will be sure to stay posted on your events and hope to see you again! Keep working hard; the bees NEED it!!


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