DSC_2892.JPGThis Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to go to Winthrop University and meet some of the college students who pass my garden on their way to class at the Earth Day Fair. From my table on Scholars Walk, I handed over 100 flyers and packets of wildflower seeds to students and faculty next to campus clubs, conservationists, and even a fellow scout also raising awareness for their project. While it felt amazing to be part of the event at the college, the best part was seeing people’s positive reactions to the project. At first it was hard to interact with the college students that looked so much older than I did, but their support made me realize that I had more in common with the students than I thought I did.

For starters, I met the journalist who published an article about my project in the college newspaper. Before Thursday, she was a faceless contact over email to whom I owed an enormous debt. It was amazing to look her in the eyes and tell her how grateful I was for her contribution to my project.

Then, I met two girls who used to be in scouting. One of them had been a scout since kindergarten and even now is working on a project that started as a Girl Scout award. It was wonderful to talk to other scouts, especially ones as kind and supportive as these two were.

Even the students who didn’t have a lot of time to talk offered their support and a smile. Some people even told me that they had already heard about my project from a friend or a class they were taking. After the day was over, I went to check on the garden (doing well, thankfully) and as I walked by a student waved and told her friends, “That’s the girl I was talking to you about!”

Seeing the ripple effect of my project in such close proximity inspired me more than the large number of flyers I was able to hand out that day. Even if the students don’t plant their packs of wildflower seeds, I hope that hearing about the project influences them half as much as their support influenced me.



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