The other day I took a trip out to Winthrop University to check on the garden. Despite the heat (or maybe because of it), the garden is thriving. Many of the younger flowers are now well established and blooming and the border that we planted only a while ago is full of green plants. Not only is the garden doing well, the native species of bee that has been feeding on the plants has now finished it’s life cycle and laid eggs in a couple of the tubes built into the shelter. In the picture below, you can see this in the hole second from the top and the two at the bottom. This means there are a lot of baby bees nesting inside of there.



However, despite these successes in the project, I was disappointed to find an infestation of ants crawling all over the shelter and nesting in the empty tubes. ¬†They were red and small, so they were probably fire ants. Since the mating season of the bees is over, I just took the box home. The ants wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem, but as the garden is dedicated to not use pesticide, we will have to find a natural way to get rid of them. Or maybe bees and ants can coexist?

All in all, the last trip to Winthrop was a mixed bag. The garden is thriving, but the ants are another obstacle to overcome. If you have any experience with this, any comments will be appreciated.


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