The latest trip to Winthrop was full of surprises. First and foremost, as you can see in the title, the ants have left the garden! Even though we couldn’t find any left over ants, we preemptively laid down a natural ant deterrent made out of red pepper flakes and cinnamon sticks so we don’t expect them to come back any time soon. Plus, it is an all natural solution that stays in line with our no-pesticide rule.


The second and most obvious shock was the giant tree growing in the middle of the garden. How it got there, none of us really know, but it’s thriving in the soil. We’re really not quite sure whether to take it down or let it grow, because it has a lot of budding flowers growing amidst the leaves that would probably be good for the bees. We don’t want it to cause too much shade to stop the lovely wildflowers from growing, so we are just going to see how it grows and maybe take it down in the fall.


With the project coming to a close, I am so grateful to see how well the garden has flourished in its little nook. I hope that it continues to grow and thrive even after Winthrop takes over and I leave so that it can provide a home to bees for many years to come.


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